#Insiders4Good Create-A-Thons

Lead the way for change. Host a #Insiders4Good Create-A-Thon

You are a Windows Insider. A member of a global community of people using the technology we love, and possess the skills and creativity to tackle the problems plaguing our communities today. You sparked inspiration in us that influenced a big part of the work we did this past summer; we heard from you that you wanted to do and contribute more.

So, we set forth to design a gathering that would put your talents to create the impact that you all wanted to see in your communities. Thus the #Insiders4Good Create-A-Thon was born. It’s a hackathon with a twist that brings together our technical and creative talent with important social causes. Put us all in one room for 2-3 days and out comes our unique contribution to tackling the critical causes that have plagued our communities for decades.

“The only way to make lasting change in real problems that affect us all is to combine forces between the technical and creative sides” – Dona Sarkar

"The Create-A-Thon “beta” was initially rolled out across four cities in July and August – Seattle, Berlin, Cologne, London – to learn how they would work and we captured best practices on how they can be run well. All the lessons, we now present to you in the “Create-A-Thon: Event in a Box” kit that we are sharing with you today."

Lead the way for involvement and change in your city. Bring together creatives and technical people in your local community, because that is where the real power of change happens. And use the magic of technology in helping to chip away at a difficult, entrenched issue that you care about. We want to empower every Insider to do events like these and be the next generation of leaders. Download the Create-A-Thon: Event in a Box and start organizing, tell us what you’re planning and we can let Insiders near you know.

Please do tell us what you are achieving wherever you may be in the world!

This is just the beginning of #Insiders4Good. We can't wait to work with you for months to come, to be the change we want to see in the world, together.

COMING SOON: Download the Create-A-Thon: Event in a Box