Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Insiders4Good?

We know our Insiders are a group of talented individuals with passion and energy to make the world a better place. Insiders4Good initiative is intended to empower each of you to direct your passion on things that are valuable to diverse communities. Building an enterprise that creates employment AND effects social good, hosting events to teach people computer science or other critical skills, making art that positively changes people’s lives – all of this is made possible under Insiders4Good.

How do I become an Insider or get Insider builds?

If you're not running a Preview Build on your PC with Windows 10 installed or to get the latest Insider Preview Build, follow the instructions detailed here.

How do I apply for becoming a fellow in my region?

We currently run fellowships in a handful of regions including Nigeria and soon in East Africa. Sign up to be an Insider and we will contact you when we bring the fellowship to your region.

I have an idea for this program. Whom do I contact about it?

Awesome and THANK YOU! Please send your idea in an email with the subject “Idea for Insiders4Good” to NinjaCatTeam@outlook.com.